Tracy McCubbin
Tracy McCubbin
Making order out of chaos, one pile of clutter at a time.

Crack your Clutter Code with Tracy McCubbin

I can read clutter the way some people read tea leaves. My book Making Space, Clutter Free: The Last Book On Decluttering You’ll Ever Need (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Indie Bound) will be available in June 2019. It will help you identify the emotional blocks we all have with regard to our "stuff" - and how to conquer them for good. Let's create permanent change so you can have a happier, healthier, and clutter-free life.


Let’s be honest, clutter is exhausting. What you purchased in the pursuit of happiness, may actually be having the opposite effect.


There’s hope! Clearing away clutter isn’t just about organizational strategies, it’s about helping you figure out why it felt comforting to surround yourself with clutter in the first place.  


Perfectly Imperfect

Just like you my nearly 1,500 clients have bought all the popular books on cleaning up. Soon after they call me because they cannot possibly parse out joy in a crowded office, a home of their late mother’s possessions, or a closet filled with items that represent a past they long for, or a future that only gets more illusory. 

These are not hoarders. These are everyday, successful people like you whose lives have become unmanageable because of their stuff.  

Tracy is so much more than an ‘organizer.’ She is really a therapist for your things. It is so so liberating to have completed a project with her. Your life actually feels lighter. After my divorce I moved out of not one, but two residences that I built and nested in for over a decade. Without Tracy there is no way I could have done that - emotionally or logistically. She is a very special, very thoughtful, very wise woman who gets it DONE.
— Stephanie March, Actress and Activist
Tracy literally brings ease and support, and yet so deeply understands the pathology of this unique field. She helps by having the intuition without sacrificing the ‘getting it done.’
— Greg Lauren, Artist & Designer

A few more words from my clients...

"Tracy comes into her client's private homes with delicacy and sensitivity. Her personality connects with people."

"Tracy is one of those rare people who surpasses your expectations rather than just meeting them." 

"Tracy is the perfect mix of a psychologist and an organizer." 



Okay, it's your turn. Let's get to it.


I'm going to teach you systems and techniques so the clutter never, ever comes back.   Because if you don’t address the emotional need the clutter is filling, you may be able to get rid of what you have, but the clutter will return.  In the end, your home is a tool that needs to work for you.


Tracy in the Media

Tracy has been featured on Hallmark's Home & Family, has a column on MindBodyGreen, and also has regular declutter segments on Fox 5 and ABC Eyewitness News. That's just the tip of the iceberg...her new book Making Space, Clutter Free: The Last Book On Decluttering You’ll Ever Need is coming June 2019! 


Giving Back

As the co-founder of non-profit OneKid OneWorld, I've spent over a decade helping to build schools and raise tuition for kids in Kenya and El Salvador (like this gorgeous student in the photo!). So it's no surprise that giving back is a cornerstone of my business. When you're looking for spots to donate your decluttered items, keep an open mind. There are likely a bunch of places locally that would love to  put them to use. Here are a few ideas: 


- Find a homeless shelter to donate your gently worn work clothes for men and women who are prepping for interviews. 

- Pet shelters are often thrilled to get a donation of stained-but-fluffy towels and sheets for their cats and dogs.

- See if there's a toy loan program (it's like a library for toys) in your community that's looking for donations.