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How to Declutter After a Breakup

We hang onto stuff for all kinds of reasons, and most of the time they’re emotional, not practical. When it comes to a breakup, we are often pushed into a situation in which we have to deal with sorting, packing, keeping, and rejecting a tremendous amount of stuff from a very emotional place. Which is what differentiates breakup decluttering from grief decluttering. We find ourselves having to let go of things while we’re still in the throes of all the emotions, and the result can be, well, messy.
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Clean up the house while cleaning up after Christmas



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Reclaim Your House After Kids Go Back To School

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Tracy talks about what is involved when you're dCluttering a lifetime of stuff.
She asks, is this a part of your children's inheritance? 

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Tracy talks about the growth of her business and shares her insights on the psychology of holding onto stuff and the organized way to building and growing a business.

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Tracy doesn’t merely rearrange your things into pretty, colored bins—she helps you get your life back.

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Expert Advice On How To Build The Ultimate To-Do List
Tracy explains that a To-Do List is something that is living and breathing and encourages clients not to see it as a goal in itself.