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Feel like you simply can't declutter your home?
Tracy tells us why at House Beautiful. 

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The decluttering blocks that are keeping you stuck:
Tracy asks us to look a little deeper at the emotional
meaning we have projected onto our stuff in her
guest post at Mind Body Green

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Don't know where to start tidying? Tracy shares why the bedroom
is the most important room to declutter at Mind Body Green. 

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Tracy talks conscious donating at Mind Body Green, the crucial
decluttering step nobody talks about: where to send your stuff.

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Tracy discusses why we have emotional attachments
to items that clutter our space and mind, how to
move through your cluttering stumbling blocks and
help you to eliminate clutter for good on the
Smart Women Talk Radio Podcast.


Tracy helps you tackle painful clutter at

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Check out Tracy's Tips on Home Organization for Simple Living


“The easiest way to be organized is to have less stuff. Before you think of organizing, let go of things you don’t use, items no one will use and anything broken. Don’t think about organization until you declutter.”

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Planning To Move In With Your Partner?
Keep This Decluttering Checklist On Hand


The time has come. You realize you haven’t slept in your own bed for weeks because you’re always at your partner’s place. Your plants are dead. Your fridge is empty. You’re done with schlepping across town and paying two rents. But more importantly, you’d rather go to sleep and wake up with this person. You’re in love, and you want to live together...


The Cornerstone of an Organized Life: Letting Go of Your Stuff


It’s important that we don’t just head straight for the trash can. As a friend’s grandmother always said, "When you throw something away, where’s 'away?’" If we know something is going to a good home where it will be used, it makes it so much easier—and more rewarding—to let go, so donating really is the best option.

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Tracy Educates Us on How to Clean up that "Dirty Little Secret": Your Desk. 


Many business owners maintain their home as a functional space, while completely disregarding their offices. In fact, their office becomes their 'dirty little secret', the place where they can call chaos their "process" and disorder their "filing system." Read more


Tracy Offers Tips on Decluttering after a Breakup on Mind Body Green


How to Declutter After a Breakup

We hang onto stuff for all kinds of reasons, and most of the time they’re emotional, not practical. When it comes to a breakup, we are often pushed into a situation in which we have to deal with sorting, packing, keeping, and rejecting a tremendous amount of stuff from a very emotional place. Which is what differentiates breakup decluttering from grief decluttering. We find ourselves having to let go of things while we’re still in the throes of all the emotions, and the result can be, well, messy.
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Tracy Shares Tips on the Hallmark Channel


Featured Nationwide on Christmas Day on NBC

Clean up the house while cleaning up after Christmas


Tracy Shares Kitchen Organizing Tips on Los Angeles KABC 


Tracy Shares Her Decluttering Guide on Mind Body Green

The Room-By-Room Decluttering Guide You've Been Waiting For


Tracy Offers Easy Steps to Declutter on ABC7 in Los Angeles


Tracy Discusses Senior Downsizing on Gracefully Radio

Tracy talks about what is involved when you're dCluttering a lifetime of stuff.
She asks, is this a part of your children's inheritance? 

Tracy Talks with Julie Gordon White on the My First 100k Podcast 


Featured on Fast Company

Expert Advice On How To Build The Ultimate To-Do List
Tracy explains that a To-Do List is something that is living and breathing and encourages clients not to see it as a goal in itself.


Listen to Tracy on the Fit, Fierce and Fabulous Podcast


Quick Tips from Tracy on Los Angeles KNX News Radio